Possible homeopathic medicine for Coronavirus

(Read on wordpress, ) Today when the world is fighting with the deadly Coronavirus, I'm trying to put my thoughts on the possible homeopathic medicine for it, and after much deliberation over the past days, than in any hurry. Homeopaths are trying to find the medicine for it, and there even are possible thoughts or remedies, like by Manish Bhatia, in this article . We don't know which medicine would be right finally, though I think that the right medicine to combat Coronavirus should be Aconitum napellus . This medicine, if you would ask to homeopaths in general, is used for common cold, general influenza and even pneumonia, etc, which have a sudden onset . Though, very possibly, it won't be thought to be the possible remedy for Coronavirus. I however have seen that in majority of cases, where we feel that the onset of common cold, influenza, etc, is sudden, and try this remedy, are not

Supporting Layers

(Read on wordpress, ) ( intermittent excerpt..) The tale is such that certain layers never deteriorate beyond a particular level, subject to the condition that they are present along with some other specific layer in that individual . I am calling such layers as Supporting layers, and the specific layer in the presence of which a supporting layer cannot deteriorate beyond a particular level as, a Main layer . Conditional Definitions The name Supporting layer also suggests that a supporting layer can only be present in an individual if there is a Main layer in the first place. Yet, this is totally untrue. A so-called supporting layer can also be present in an individual without the presence of a so-called main layer. This is because the definition or the name supporting and/or main, holds true when both of them are present together in a particular positioning! Therefore, if a so-called supporting layer is pres

Super Layers or Major Constitutional Layers

We see in some very tough cases presented by some homeopaths, whether in books, journals, or online, that how one resonated to that single energy in and out, and how his all the issues and sufferings in life were revolving around that one energy or medicine. And then, how that single medicine, cures the person so rightly! Here it’s that one Super Layer working, and one may think to call it one’s Constitutional Medicine too, as it’s found, but the right term is Super Layer of course. This is more so because it’s not necessary for all to have just one Constitutional Medicine. Rather, the number of Constitutional Medicines can easily be more than one too, for one, and it’s actually proportional to the general Layers one has or would have if found. I’ve seen more than one Constitutional Medicine or Super Layer too, in some cases, and thus saying about this in proper clinical clarity, than just in theory. Another term that we can think for more than one Constitutional Medicine is Major Con

Cause of a Disease or Health Issue - Morbific Agent

What is the cause of a disease or health issue? Is it defined differently in homeopathy and allopathy? If so, then how? We might have heard in homeopathy, that the cause of a disease is within , in derangement of vital force, and not outside ? Does that mean the cause was within, or just our vital force deranged due to a cause (present) outside? There is a lot of difference in the two things, as the way we'll understand the cause, in the similar way or on the same lines we'll look for a solution. So, let's see first, what the cause of a disease or health issue is, and how that disease or health issue then can be cured via homeopathy.. (An excerpt..) Something else that needs attenti on is the meaning of morbific agent. This is where we actually erred, as we didn’t understand the meaning of this term. I went through a few dictionaries, both on paper and internet, but couldn’t find the word morbific anywhere. I went through J T Kent’s Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy

Three Successive 'Standard' Potencies

What is the logic of using three potencies of a particular medicine on a person? Three successive potencies, the three successive 'standard' potencies! We would have seen it done on ourselves, any family person, or a friend, or would have heard of it. Why three potencies? Let’s ask some crude questions to ourselves, based on simple logic, that why three potencies, and see if we can arrive at any answer Do three successive 'standard' potencies act better? And give better solution of our health issues? If so, then how? Or is it that the homeopath is unaware of which potency to use? Or is it just a tradition that got started, and we don’t even know who started it, who propagated it, on which logic, but we still follow it, without being aware whether it’s right or not! Have we seen this rule written by Hahnemann, or by any other homeopath as per some new findings anywhere? No… then why we follow it? And why it’s used really a lot, and rather so blindly? Imagin

Giving Medicines Together - The role of Capsicum Annuum

To cure a tough case by homeopathy, we need all the affected layers to work together, i.e. the medicines of all the affected layers together, and that's when the case solves. Though, when we think on this, we feel that more remedies won't act together, and that's the information we read often too. To this, first think of the same interferal energies already working in one, as they are the affected ones. These are the energies we are made of, and the affected ones if interferal to each other, are already posing that scenario in our mind and body! So, they need the corresponding right working by remedies, together. It's not a small point, if we think on it. Second, the various energies are binded together by Capsicum Annuum energy, and this is a major thing then, which shows itself in general layers, though even this is not needed for major constitutional layers, and when more than one medicine at the constitutional level, they bind themselves together with each other, na

Giving Complementary Remedies Together

Many of the issues in health need a simple administration of some of the common complementary remedies together. Though, due to the prevailing way of giving either one medicine at one time, or combination ones without any proper laws, there doesn’t get due attention towards this very simple and easy way, as well as concept. Where Arnica is used in say post-partum issues, if it’s deployed Natrum Mur-Arnica-Apis trio, as these are trio of complementary remedies, the recovery is much faster! Where it’s Rhus Tox or Bryonia given individually, if both are said to help together, the health gets back to normal quite early. Where it’s Pulsatilla given, and Silica thought as possible one later, the proper trio of Pulsatilla-Silica- Fluoricum Acidum works in the way it’s rather needed, then be the need is a common one or some dire need. More examples too are there, though there generally one needs to be sure first, or get sure, if the respective complementary medicines are also one’s layers or n